NAT on a Trident/Qumran(/or other?) equipped whitebox?

Edward Dore edward.dore at
Tue Oct 9 15:52:38 UTC 2018

Not sure if you count Arista as whitebox given their use of merchant silicon but running their own NOS, however they were touting the 7170 series as being able to do NAT recently. That's a Barefoot Tofino chip under the hood.

I've no idea how well it can do NAT or what the limitations are mind you, but it was a specific selling point that they were pushing ...

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On 09/10/2018, 16:38, "NANOG on behalf of Jason Lixfeld" <nanog-bounces at on behalf of jason+nanog at> wrote:

    Has anyone played around with this?  Curious if the BCM (or whatever other chip) can do this, and if not, if any of the box vendors have tried to find a way to get these things to do a bunch of NAT - say some flavour of NAT, line-rate @ 10G.  If so, anyone know of a NOS that has support for it?  OcNOS, Cumulus Linux, PicOS and Switch Light OS seem to have none, but not sure if there are others out there.

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