bloomberg on supermicro: sky is falling

Naslund, Steve SNaslund at
Thu Oct 4 21:41:20 UTC 2018

Remember it's the data that is classified, not the network.  It does not matter if you have IP connectivity, it matters if the classified data is allowed to move over the connection. When a government agency talks about a "classified network" they are talking about a network that has been approved to transport the data and has appropriate access controls.  Just because your email server is attached to the Internet does not mean I have access to its data.  Same in the classified world, just because you can send an email from the Internet to SIPRNET does not mean you have SIPRNET access.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

>> Classified networks do not connect to other networks unless
>> they are equally or higher classified.

>that sentence makes no sense.  if A can connect to B because B is more
>highly classified than A, then B is connecting to a less classified
>network A.

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