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Mon Oct 1 18:59:05 UTC 2018

Ryan, what does the track moderator have to do with the presenter? All I here is an excuse to do a disservice to fellow members of this community.

Do you really want to have future meetings with everyone holding out their phones, cameras, or other recording devices, to spread the wealth of knowledge? That's crazy.

Ryan Hamel

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> > On Mon, 1 Oct 2018 03:27:49 +0000
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> > > Just like how all the email threads on NANOG are archived, all 
> > > talks should be archived as well.
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> > Whether to record a session or not is up to the presenter and track 
> > coordinator.
> I would prefer if NANOG would record sessions by default! (And allow 
> presenters to opt-out if they really feel like it.)
> Other conferences I have had participated to in the past. Had the 
> option of allowing opt-out of being recorded on stage.

This is in fact how it works now at NANOG.  As John points out, the decision is left up to the submitter, but almost all talks are webcast and recorded.  (Historically, the security track has not been

Anyone is welcome to submit talks, including tracks, for consideration, and to make this choice as submitter.  In this case, the track moderator believes that it's better that the the talk to not be recorded and so we are honoring that request.

Aside from the security track and one other submission, the remainder of the 3-day program will be available for viewing and recorded.


Ryan Woolley

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