NANOG Security Track: Route Security

John Kristoff jtk at
Mon Oct 1 11:59:38 UTC 2018

On Mon, 1 Oct 2018 03:27:49 +0000
Ryan Hamel <Ryan.Hamel at> wrote:

> Just like how all the email threads on NANOG are archived, all talks
> should be archived as well.

Whether to record a session or not is up to the presenter and track

The security track, originally called the ISP Security BoF started by
Barry Greene and Merike Kaeo was in part an outgrowth of the
nsp-security community. The nsp-security was a closed, vetted
community.  In those days, they were not recorded mainly so participants
could feel reasonably comfortable sharing amongst each other by having
the discussions limited to those there in person.

For many years later it was more or less a given that the security
track wasn't recorded.  However, that position has weakened slightly
and I take some of the blame for that.  The last two security tracks I
led (67/68) were recorded and I think there was at least one before that
I asked be recorded, but it ended up not being captured because the
meeting coordinators thought I made a mistake. :-)

I had taken an informal poll before the first time about this. There
were about three people as I recall who preferred them not to be
recorded, suggesting they would not go on mic and participate if they

Maybe during the session another show of hands should be taken to see
who wants them recorded or not in the future.


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