Towards an RPKI-rich Internet (and the appropriate allocation of responsibility in the event an RIR RPKI CA outage)

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Mon Oct 1 08:20:26 UTC 2018

On 1/Oct/18 01:21, John Curran wrote:

> It is possible to architect the various legalities surrounding RPKI to
> support any of the above outcomes, but it first requires a shared
> understanding of what the network community believes is the correct
> outcome.   There is likely some on the nanog mailing list who have a
> view on this matter, so I pose the question of "who should be
> responsible" for consequences of RPKI RIR CA failure to this list for
> further discussion.

John, in the instance where all RIR's transition to a single "All
Resource" TA, what would, in your mind, be the (potential) liability

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