Anyone using AT&T's ECOMP/ONAP?

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> Hi gents,
> I'm looking for physical network services orchestration framework for
> network service providers that could later be used/extended to orchestrate
> other areas of the business (virtualized services in DC, etc..).
> So far it appears to me  that there's no such ready-made commercial product
> on the market that would contain all the building blocks I'd be interested
> in (well especially the easy to use service designer tool).
> ECOMP and now OANP seem to have it all and much more I'm just curious if
> anyone is using it in anger (or parts of it for that matter) for
> orchestration/design/automation of services on physical network.
> I'd like to hear some  stories from trenches with regards to the
> implementation, but I'd be also interested in your thoughts in case you
> just
> assessed the tool for implementation (why did liked not liked about it).
> Thank you
> adam
> ::carrier-class solutions for the telecommunications industry::

 Can you share a link to ecomp source code and install guide? I recall at&t
press releases about millions of lines of open source code , but never saw
the code


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