Anyone using AT&T's ECOMP/ONAP?

adamv0025 at adamv0025 at
Fri Nov 30 13:53:12 UTC 2018

Hi gents,

I'm looking for physical network services orchestration framework for
network service providers that could later be used/extended to orchestrate
other areas of the business (virtualized services in DC, etc..).
So far it appears to me  that there's no such ready-made commercial product
on the market that would contain all the building blocks I'd be interested
in (well especially the easy to use service designer tool).
ECOMP and now OANP seem to have it all and much more I'm just curious if
anyone is using it in anger (or parts of it for that matter) for
orchestration/design/automation of services on physical network. 
I'd like to hear some  stories from trenches with regards to the
implementation, but I'd be also interested in your thoughts in case you just
assessed the tool for implementation (why did liked not liked about it).

Thank you

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