Security Track @ NANOG 75 Call for Participation

John Kristoff jtk at
Thu Nov 29 22:41:01 UTC 2018

[ Apologies if you saw this elsewhere already - jtk ]

Friends, colleagues, fellow operators,

The network security track, formerly known as the ISP security BoF,
has plans to return at NANOG 75 in San Francisco February 18-20.  I
will be your track facilitator.

I have a small handful of topics I'm soliciting from some folks
directly, but options are good, and I may be missing something
important.  If you haven't heard from me already, then I want to hear
your ideas or proposals.  This is a good, casual place to go with
netsec related ideas, tools, or case studies.  Here is an incomplete
list of relevant topics to stir your thoughts:

  * IRRs, BGPSEC, and RPKI
  * DDoS attacks and mitigation
  * Botnet case studies
  * ISP incident response tools
  * Network censorship and privacy
  * Threat sharing frameworks
  * Network equipment configuration/default BCPs
  * Spoofing, amplification, reflection threats
  * ...insert your idea here


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