netflix OCA in a CG-NAT world

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Thu Nov 29 08:16:08 UTC 2018

So comparing the ARP and ND tables on my Mikrotik home router, I see
that my Apple TV, indeed, does have an IPv6 address assigned to it
(SLAAC), even though the device, itself, does not display any IPv6
information in its network settings.

Then again, Apple never did think an "HDD is Active" blinker on their
laptops was ever necessary :-).


On 28/Nov/18 22:10, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On 28/Nov/18 17:23, Nikolay Shopik wrote:
>> tvOS will only show IPv6 dns servers in their "Network Settings" tab.
>> They just forgot to update interface for some reason, like they did in
>> back ios10 iirc to show all network configuration including IPv6.
> I'm running tvOS 12.1 (16J602), and there is no display of anything IPv6
> anywhere on the system.
> Mark.

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