netflix OCA in a CG-NAT world

Nikolay Shopik shopik+lists at
Wed Nov 28 15:23:55 UTC 2018

On 28/11/18 5:25 pm, Mark Tinka wrote:
> Well, my Apple TV interface only has IPv4 bits to show.
> Are you saying IPv6 is hidden from the "Network Settings" tab? I haven't
> done an actual wire tap.

tvOS doesn't expose IPv6 addresses but it fully supported just like all
ios based systems since all apps now required to work in IPv6-only
network, otherwise they won't able push update into app store.

tvOS will only show IPv6 dns servers in their "Network Settings" tab.
They just forgot to update interface for some reason, like they did in
back ios10 iirc to show all network configuration including IPv6.

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