Most peered AS per country

Tore Anderson tore at
Wed Nov 28 12:37:20 UTC 2018

* Mehmet Akcin

> I am noticing provider A enters market X saying they are tier 1 network but they do not have a si ngle peering session in country and they backhaul everything back to market Z where they deliver traffic to the peer via high latency and low performance method. This is causing market to receive pricing targets which are unrealistic and hurting telecoms who are genuinely trying to do right thing and establish in country direct peering with peers.

Yeah, don't fall for the marketing hyperbole. A transit provider's «tier»
is an extremely poor indicator of its interconnectedness and quality,
especially if your traffic is regional in nature. In most cases you'll be
much better off buying your IP transit from a regional «tier-2» provider,
which tends to give you much better connectivity to other networks in your
region - in addition to all the global connectivity that the «tier-2»'s
upstream(s) provide, of course.


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