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Renesys used to have a blog that went into that a bit, but I think Oracle killed it off. 

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Hi Bill 

I am just trying to see if there is some way to rank transit providers by the amount of peering+customers they have in a country. 

I am noticing provider A enters market X saying they are tier 1 network but they do not have a si ngle peering session in country and they backhaul everything back to market Z where they deliver traffic to the peer via high latency and low performance method. This is causing market to receive pricing targets which are unrealistic and hurting telecoms who are genuinely trying to do right thing and establish in country direct peering with peers. 

I would like to be able to see top 10 networks (top 10 as in adjutancies) a country which has most amount of routes they are advertising. seems like a good place to see this info. Is there a way to get this data in a format which I can compile reports Rob? (Excel friendly format would be great) 


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> Sorry what i meant with peering, their total as peer/customer count. I should have worded it correctly thanks Woody. 
> Question still exists, is there any similar data set available per country basis? 

You want to know how big the per-country customer cones for each AS are? Like, for a given country, what AS has the most down-stream networks within that country? We used to generate those stats, but the code has probably broken long ago. 

We did it because we had bulk data agreements with all five RIRs, so we had the ASes databased by country-code. We still have that part up-to-date. 



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