netflix OCA in a CG-NAT world

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Mon Nov 26 19:46:02 UTC 2018

On 11/25/2018 09:47 PM, Dave Temkin wrote:
> Putting an OCA with bypass through the CGN with RFC1918 space will 
> actually work just fine. We (Netflix) don't formally support it because 
> of the vast number of non-standard CGN implementations out there, but if 
> your clients are in RFC1918 space and the next hop router from the OCA 
> knows how to reach them, it will just work.

Does this include RFC 6598 Shared Address Space,  Or is 
it limited to RFC 1918 Address Space?

Does it really matter what the private IPs are?  (I've seen people 
re-use publicly allocated but not publicly used IP address space.)  Or 
does it "just work" as long as the OCA's first hop knows how to reach 
the private IPs?

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