Cheap switch with a couple 100G

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Sun Nov 25 22:17:33 UTC 2018

FS has reasonable pricing on their amplification systems for DWDM. 

The problem in the states is the dark fiber consolidation, so it's difficult to find someone that'll sell it to you. Those that do, charge astronomically for it. 

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On 25/11/2018 21:43, Ben Cannon wrote: 
> At this point, with 400g coherent in production never mind long-haul 
> testing; why bother lighting with anything slower than 100g coherent, 
> especially at essentially the same price. It just makes no sense. 
> It got skipped. We’re better for it IMO. 

To be fair, I did say that to begin with. ;) 

Outside of the US, in our quaint little European countries, passive 
muxing with direct detect does often make more sense financially Those 
coherent hardware providers have some eye-watering price lists, and only 
begin to make sense on spans >100km. Or if you actually need 400G 
transport to make use of N*100G services. 


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