Cheap switch with a couple 100G

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I don't need 32 of them, though. 2 - 6 would be fine, 4 - 6 would be ideal. 

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> I keep hearing how cheap 100G is compared to 40G and it doesn't seem to hold true. Prove me wrong. 
> Cisco Nexus and Arista both have switches with 48x 10G ports and 2x - 6x 40G ports for under $1k. Swap those 40G for 100G and you're at $5k - $7k. 
> Am I missing some cheap switches with 100G? 

1 / 10 / 40 Gb/s switches are made with low end T2 parts like the 56450. 

A low end 100G switch is tomahawk 32x100 or tomawhawk 2 or T3 which are all basically 128x25Gb/s asics (or Qumran/Jericho) which’s is effectively more than one asic and is priced accordingly. So a mix of 1Gb/s copper ports backed by fast silicon is not immediately forthcoming at a low price. 

32x100 switches are available at order of $200 a port which seems like pretty good deal to me but you’re amortizing the silicon across all the ports. 

> I ask this because the transport companies seem to have given up on 40G. 
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