Internet diameter?

Hal Murray hgm+nanog at
Sun Nov 25 01:47:31 UTC 2018

Keith Medcalf  said:
> "just static content" would be more accurate ...

  and using http rather than https

> There were many attempts at this by Johhny-cum-lately ISPs back in the 90's
> -- particularly Telco and Cableco's -- with their "transparent poxies".
> Eventually they discovered that it was more cost efficient to actually
> provide the customer with what the customer had purchased. 

One of the complications in this area is an extra layer of logging which could 
turn into privacy invasion.

I'm pretty sure it was Comcast, but a quick search didn't find a good 
reference.  Many years ago, there were a lot of complaints when customers 
discovered that their transparent proxy web site traffic was getting logged.  
Comcast said they weren't using it for anything beyond normal operations work, 
but nobody believed them.  Shortly after that, they gave up on proxying.

I'm sure the general reputation of modern Telcos and Cablecos for privacy 
invasion didn't help.

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