Internet diameter?

Bryce Wilson bryce at
Thu Nov 22 04:10:11 UTC 2018

I don’t have any hard statistics but I notice that on a majority of ASs on <>, the average AS path length is between 4 and 5. As for the average number of hops, it clearly depends on what type of traffic and many ASNs have more than one router. Going on my own experience I would say between 8 and 10 hops would be the average of non-cached content. If you included cached content such as cdns and caches then the actual average might be closer to 5 to 7. This is only an estimate from my own network and those of my clients so the actual value may be completely different.

As with what others have said, I’m not sure on what use this data, if collected, would be. Latency is the most important.

Thanks ~ Bryce Wilson, AS202313, EVIX, AS137933

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