WIndows Updates Fail Via IPv6

John Von Essen john at
Mon Nov 12 19:08:01 UTC 2018

I recently go a Linksys home wifi router, by default it enables ipv6 on 
the LAN. If there is no native IPv6 on the WAN side (which is my case 
since FiOS doesnt do v6 yet) the Linksys defaults to a v6 tunnel.

For the first few weeks of using the router, I had no idea alot of my 
traffic was going out via the v6 tunnel.

Then I started getting random reachability and availability issues. 
Google would not load, but Bing and Yahoo would, and so on. I thought it 
was a FiOS issue, but after digging, I discovered the v6 tunnel, 
disabled it and all my issues went away.

I dont know what Linksys uses for the v6 tunnel because its buried in 
the firmware, but any tunnel service is vulnerable to a variety of 
issues that could effect access. Its odd that it always effects Windows 
update all the time, but who knows.


On 11/12/18 1:18 PM, Mark Tinka wrote:
> On 11/Nov/18 18:51, Lavanauts wrote:
>> I’m on native IPv6 via Spectrum and have no problems with Windows 
>> Updates.  Could this be a tunneling issue?
> I do run 6-in-4 from my backbone to my house as my FTTH provider does 
> not do IPv6.
> I can't imagine this to specifically be the issue, as all other IPv6 
> traffic is fine, but at this point, I'm open to suggestion.
> Mark.
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