Windows sometimes lets temporary IPv6 addresses expire without renewing

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Mon Nov 12 03:06:19 UTC 2018

On 11/11/2018 9:54 PM, fireballiso wrote:
> Hi! I'm experiencing an IPv6 issue with Windows that I wanted to ask if
> others are seeing, and get an idea of how widespread it might be.
> For background, I've been using a /64 tunnel from Hurricane for a few
> years to test IPv6 connectivity until my ISP offers native service.
> Linux works well with IPv6. However, I've isolated a problem in
> Windows 10 (version 1803, build 17134.345) where the Preferred Lifetime
> of *temporary* IPv6 addresses don't seem to be renewed properly
> sometimes. The Valid Life will start counting down
> again from 24 hours, but the Pref Life will stay at 0s; in this
> condition, the temporary addresses don't work on that interface until I
> disable and then re-enable it.
> Output of "netsh int ipv6 show addr", formatted to fit and for privacy:
> Addr Type   DAD State     Valid Life     Pref. Life   Address
> ---------   -----------   -----------    ----------   -------
> Public      Preferred     23h58m22s      3h58m22s     2001:470:X:X:X:X:X:7a20
> Temporary   Deprecated    23h58m22s         0s        2001:470:X:X:bc72:8f4:7d98:3445
> Public      Preferred     23h58m22s      3h58m22s     fd00:X::X:X:X:7a20
> Temporary   Deprecated    23h58m22s         0s        fd00:X::bc72:8f4:7d98:3445
> Other       Preferred     infinite       infinite     fe80::X:X:X:7a20%13
> In this state, the Public addresses usually work, but these addresses don't
> change, so some privacy is lost. Occasionally, even the Public addresses
> stop working, (though the Valid and Pref Life values still have time left), 
> which requires me to disable/enable the interface to regain any IPv6
> connectivity to the internet.
> I've noticed some bug reports stating that the temporary address stops working
> after a while, but none I've found show the Pref Life staying on 0.
> Has anyone else seen this bug? Any idea whether there's a fix or
> workaround, other than an interface disable/re-enable?
> -- 
> -Indy
> fireballiso at

To clarify: when I say "renew", I really mean "countdown reset to 4
hours again, and a new temporary IPv6 address assigned to allow
continued connectivity with a temporary address". Sorry for the vague


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