CVV (was: Re: bloomberg on supermicro: sky is falling)

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Fri Nov 9 07:33:38 UTC 2018

On 9/Nov/18 02:22, Todd Underwood wrote:

> i generally find it amusing when people from other countries mock the
> US for not having PINs.  this is just another way of saying "my
> country has high fraud rates and yours appears not to."  :-) . you can
> see this in the comment below "If we were swipe-based here, we'd all be
> broke :-).".  the payments systems are architected to minimize cost
> and maximize adoption and they are usually at (or moving towards) some
> locally optimal point.  the US is no exception in that.

That was me - and "low" (fraud rates) is not "zero" (fraud rates).

Personally, I don't want to add to the statistic. The inconvenience
isn't worth the bragging right :-)...

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