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I have a low-cost/high interest rate account at one of the Canadian bank and each "assisted" transaction is $5.


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Speaking of "cost" as a motivator, in South Africa, most of the banks
are now using extra fees as a way to force users to do their banking
online (phone, laptop, app, e.t.c.). If you want to walk into a bank to
deposit money, withdraw money, make a transfer, e.t.c., you pay for that
service over and above, while the process costs you zero (0) when done
online. This has led to banks now renovating banking halls into where
there was once 23 tellers, you now have 1 service usher, 1 teller, 2
support agents and 20 self-service computers.

I hope the U.S. does catch-up. If we were swipe-based here, we'd all be
broke :-). I know a number of major merchants in the U.S. now use PIN's,
and I always stick to those when I travel there.


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