Switch with high ACL capacity

Tim Jackson jackson.tim at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 19:51:41 UTC 2018

Juniper QFX10000(including 100002) supports ~64k ACL entries + FlowSpec


On Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 1:49 PM Mike Hammett <nanog at ics-il.net> wrote:

> The intent is to see if I can construct a poor man's DDOS scrubber. There
> are low cost systems out there for the detection, but they just trigger
> something else to do the work. Obviously there is black hole routing, but
> I'm looking for something with a bit more finesse.
> If I need to get a switch anyway, might as well try to take advantage of
> it for other uses.
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> Mike,
> Can you shed some light on the use case? Looks like you are confusing ACLs
> and BGP Flowspec. ACLs and Flowspec rules are similar in some ways but they
> have a different use case. ACLs cannot be configured using Flowspec
> announcements. Flowspec can be loosely explained as 'Routing based on L4
> rules' (there's a lot more to it than just L4). I doubt if a there is a
> Switch which can hold a large number of Flowspec entries.
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>     I am looking for recommendations as to a 10G or 40G switch that has
> the ability to hold a large number of entries in ACLs.
>     Preferred if I can get them there via the BGP flow spec, but some sort
> of API or even just brute force on the console would be good enough.
>     Used or even end of life is fine.
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