Switch with high ACL capacity

Mike Hammett nanog at ics-il.net
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The intent is to see if I can construct a poor man's DDOS scrubber. There are low cost systems out there for the detection, but they just trigger something else to do the work. Obviously there is black hole routing, but I'm looking for something with a bit more finesse.

If I need to get a switch anyway, might as well try to take advantage of it for other uses.

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Can you shed some light on the use case? Looks like you are confusing ACLs and BGP Flowspec. ACLs and Flowspec rules are similar in some ways but they have a different use case. ACLs cannot be configured using Flowspec announcements. Flowspec can be loosely explained as 'Routing based on L4 rules' (there's a lot more to it than just L4). I doubt if a there is a Switch which can hold a large number of Flowspec entries.

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    I am looking for recommendations as to a 10G or 40G switch that has the ability to hold a large number of entries in ACLs.
    Preferred if I can get them there via the BGP flow spec, but some sort of API or even just brute force on the console would be good enough.
    Used or even end of life is fine.
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