RIPE NCC Global IPv6 Deployment Survey

Massimiliano Stucchi mstucchi at
Thu Mar 29 14:01:55 UTC 2018


just a little reminder that there are a few days left to help the RIPE
NCC by filling up our Global IPv6 Deployment Survey.  We have already
received a considerable amount of responses, but would like to hear from
more people.

The goal of the survey is to get an overview of IPv6 deployment across
the world, and to assess how this is seen from the perspective of ISPs
and Enterprise users.

The 2018 survey is a follow up to similar surveys run between 2008 and
2013, and will serve as a comparison with the data acquired back then.

You can find the survey at the following address:

Responses can be submitted until 31 March 2018.

We will then collect the data with the aim of presenting the preliminary
results during the upcoming RIPE 76 meeting in Marseille.

If you have any question about the survey, please feel free to email us
at: ipv6survey2018 at

Thank you very much in advance for your participation!


Massimiliano Stucchi
IPv6 Programme Manager
mstucchi at

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