Yet another Quadruple DNS?

DaKnOb daknob.mac at
Thu Mar 29 12:41:12 UTC 2018

Cloudflare’s website provides some more information: <>

According to Cloudflare’s CEO, we’ll have more news on 1/4, so in a few days.

From their website I can see that it is a low latency and privacy oriented service. Now whether it’s actually needed, I think there’s place for it in the market. Currently in Greece, is ~65ms away. This is 11ms away. 


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>> We already have and
> And and several others public DNS resolvers.
>> And any reputable company or ISP should be running their own.
> I fully agree.
>> What purpose would this serve?
> In Europe, the most common technique of censorship is through lying
> DNS resolvers. So, in order to go to forbidden Web sites (music and
> film sharing, for instance), many users switched from the ISP's
> resolver (which implements the censorship) to a public resolver. See
> my talk at NANOG
> <>

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