Subsea availability

Mehmet Akcin mehmet at
Tue Jun 5 19:03:07 UTC 2018

I wanted to give a little update on this project,

Thanks to data made available by Telegeography on Github we have made some
great progress.

you can visit to see the map available with all
subsea cables that exists.

Currently we are working with subsea providers to receive emails to a
specific email address regarding outages and then parse this email in a way
to update color of the cable on the map. There are MANY challenges to this
but we believe we will over come those challenges with collaboration and
coordination. I have reached out to several subsea cable operators asking
them to help provide data but so far let's say, I am not as luck as I
thought I would be.

Anyway , I plan to tackle some of the challenges (parsing emails, updating
map via code and other methods of intake) in upcoming NANOG Denver
Hackathon.  I am intentionally taking the route of email notifications
because those can be tailored to ensure the outage is from 1 Cable Landing
Station to another Cable Landing Station. If you have suggestions please
let me know.

Best regards

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> This one is rather cool too:
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