issues through CGNat (juniper ms-mpc-128g in mx960)

Aaron Gould aaron1 at
Tue Jul 31 21:32:26 UTC 2018

Thanks for your replies...

In the last week or so I've been testing further... 

Using the following items to slow/alleviate the otherwise randomness of ip's
and port's been generated via my cgnat boundary nodes...

APP - Address pooling paired
EIM - Endpoint independent mapping
EIF - Endpoint independent filtering (session-limit and outbound refresh are
AMS Load balancing hash-key src-ip on my inside domain interface

These combinations of options seems to cause a few nicer things to occur to
help gaming and peer-to-peer and banking websites to work as they should.

Let me know if you have seen similar issues and successes or failures with
your cgnat deployment.


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