Rising sea levels are going to mess with the internet

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Fri Jul 27 02:18:50 UTC 2018

If you want to read a really, really depressing article on all this
read this one in Foreign Affairs:

  Why Carbon Pricing Isn’t Working


It isn't so much the specifics of carbon pricing.

It's the harsh cold slap of reality about how the world, even when
well-intentioned, works.

In a tiny nutshell:

You know how many (developed) countries boast about meeting or
exceeding their carbon goals via carbon markets?

Those markets are rigged.

The governments hand out carbon credits like Zimbabwe printed fiat
cash in trade for the usual things politicians like in return such as
campaign contributions or support for some pet legislation.

And then boast about how their major industries have met or exceeded
carbon goals. How would you know otherwise?

To bring it back on topic, somewhat, the internet is a very, very
special place where things mostly work as promised and expected. If
the page loads it's working.

Be glad when there's no thuggish legislator trying to get you to rig
the numbers to make it only appear to be working.

But we'll get there, just give it time...

        -Barry Shein

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