Rising sea levels are going to mess with the internet

Naslund, Steve SNaslund at medline.com
Thu Jul 26 20:48:58 UTC 2018

Don't panic though about the 70 meter rise though.  According to this article by National Geographic, it would take around 5000 years to melt that much ice even assuming the current temperature rise continues.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

>Here is a simple question to answer while you are at it.  Once the arctic ice and glaciers melt, what will cause the ocean levels to continue to rise at this incredible rate?  The total estimate for sea >level rise would be 70 meters if absolutely all ice on the face of the Earth melted.  A radical change no doubt but it will not continue forever.
>The Earth right now is about as warm as it was during the previous interglacial period which was about 125,000 years ago.  At that time sea level was actually 4 METERS HIGHER THAN IT IS RIGHT NOW.  So >we know that before humans were widespread on Earth, sea level was 4 METERS higher than it is right now.  I guess this goes against the "worse than it has ever been" kind of arguments".
>Steven Naslund
>Chicago IL

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