using expect to log into devices

Scott Weeks surfer at
Wed Jul 25 02:53:46 UTC 2018

Was out.  Late reply...

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From: Niels Bakker <niels=nanog at>
* surfer at (Scott Weeks) [Sat 21 Jul 2018, 22:38 CEST]:

>I had already done this in PERL, but, even though we have PERL, we 
>are not allowed to download modules here. So, I'm redoing it in 
>Expect.  I thought someone would say a "oh just <blah, blah> and 
>you're done" type of response.

Well, what you're doing right here is reimplementing rancid.  Which is 
wholly unnecessary because we already have rancid, and a more modern 
alternative named oxidized.  And you've gotten that response already.

Fine as a personal exercise, of course.  The inability to download 
modules seems sadistic to me, though.

It IS sadistic and I don't have a choice.  Can't use rancid, either.
Thus my comment of $next-job and personal exercise in prep for that.  
But, while I'm here I want something non-GUI I can use without losing 
my mind.


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