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 My guessing, it is rather a proof than a cause.  Apple wanted to push their dev to see  more ipv6 traffic with  HE algorithm before working with IPv6 only -based on their assumption that the throughput may be better over IPv6 and with better V6 implementation eventually they are not going to be  trading it with latency.

By the way, the same argument is adopted to justify a good practice for  SDN and  IOT implementations.   Basically  the need for an v6-based  networks -where there is no correlation  other than the need for more addresses  to achieve manageability and the ability to scale.  Big ISPs are starting to realize this market and are performing the  changes to get this business.



IPv6, SDN: When worlds collide ... in a good way<https://searchsdn.techtarget.com/feature/IPv6-SDN-When-worlds-collide-in-a-good-way>
What do IPv6 and software-defined networking have in common? Not a lot, but then again, oh so much. Both IPv6 and SDN stand to radically change the way we build networks, and if implemented correctly, both play a role in making the cloud and IT as a Service more of a reality. In this two-part guide ...

Starting June 1, Apple Requires All iOS Apps To Work in ...<https://www.internetsociety.org/blog/2016/05/starting-june-1-apple-requires-all-ios-apps-to-work-in-ipv6-only-networks/>
Back at their June 2015 WWDC event, Apple announced that all iOS 9 applications must support IPv6. This week Apple declared that as of June 1 all apps submitted to the AppStore MUST support IPv6-only networking.

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> Because, Apple adds a 25 ms artifical penalty to ipv4 dns resolution.
> https://ma.ttias.be/apple-favours-ipv6-gives-ipv4-a-25ms-penalty/

Apple Favours IPv6, Gives IPv4 a 25ms Penalty - ma.ttias.be<https://ma.ttias.be/apple-favours-ipv6-gives-ipv4-a-25ms-penalty/>
This is pretty exciting news for the adoption of IPv6. Last month, Apple announced that all iOS9 apps need to be "IPv6 compatible". Because IPv6 support is so critical to ensuring your applications work across the world for every customer, we are making it an AppStore submission requirement ...

Umm.. It's 3 year old news that Apple implemented Happy Eyeballs.

And if you read, it continues on saying that both Firefox and Chrome use a 300ms
timer rather than 25ms.

The solution is, of course, to not build websites that need to hit 20 or 30 IPv4-only
tracking and affiliate and ad sites. :)

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