Rising sea levels are going to mess with the internet

Grzegorz Janoszka Grzegorz at Janoszka.pl
Mon Jul 23 19:35:36 UTC 2018

On 23/07/2018 20:03, Owen DeLong wrote:
> It shows China, the most heavy handed of the three economies in the graphic as having an accelerating growth in carbon emissions. It does show that the EU started a downward trend earlier than the US, but that the downward trend in the EU appears to be leveling off and the US downward trend looks to be steeper now and accelerating.
> In addition, if you drill down to the individual EU countries, several of them are, in fact, headed up while the more market-based members of the EU seem to be headed down or having leveled off after a sharp decline earlier.

The data is flawed. The carbon emissions per country don't include 
import, so you can just import the most carbon-heavy product from China 
and you will see your country emissions falling and China's growing.

And the carbon emission of USA doesn't include Pentagon, while any other 
army is included in it's country numbers.

So we can' really compare such flawed data - these are just numbers for 
politicians but they have nothing in common with reality.

Regarding rising sea levels - I wonder why nobody mentioned submarine 
fiber landing stations. If something will be affected, it will be them.

Grzegorz Janoszka

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