Rising sea levels are going to mess with the internet

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I'd be more worried about tidal surge in lower manhattan. Look what t.s. Sandy did in terms of outages. 

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The bottom line is that there is no trend of recently 
observed sea level rising data that is even close to 
being on track to hit all these dire predictions 
within the foreseeable future....

And, again, there were articles like this 10, 15, and 
even 20 years ago that made very similar predictions 
- that didn't happen. 

Maybe the dire predictions didn't happen, but when 
combined with other drivers stuff happens.  For 


"The study blamed the loss on a combination of sea-level 
rise and high wave energy."

"The major misunderstanding stems from the conflation 
of sea-level rise with climate change."

"...the ocean has been rising in the Solomon Islands at 
7mm per year, more than double the global average."

"...driven partly by global warming and partly by 
climatic cycles - in particular the Pacific Decadal 

So for us, it's an it depends thing.  It depends what 
cables and where they're located.


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