Proving Gig Speed

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Thu Jul 19 15:40:29 UTC 2018

On 19/Jul/18 17:08, Tei wrote:

> tl:dr:  the web is evolving into a network of applications, instead of
> documents.  Documents can't "break" easily. Programs may break
> completelly even to tiny changes. Maybe getting webmasters on board of
> biasing in favor of documents could do us all a favour.

Yes, that would be great, but I recall there was someone asking about
deploying a WISP in rural America several weeks ago and how to deal with
these "busy" web sites of 2018. And your suggestion was one of the
proposals NANOG suggested to the OP.

While it'd be good for webmasters to optimize the content they create, I
appreciate that as the Internet continues to develop, web sites and
content will only get a lot more dynamic and complicated, to appeal to
the human desire for "pretty nice shiny things". Certainly,
optimizations for mobile devices is better than for laptops/desktops for
obvious reasons, but as those mobile devices keep adding power, it will
slowly release the constraints webmasters have when developing for said

So in terms of effort expended, I'd be losing if I tried to get content
creators to simplify their content. Rather, I'll hunt down opportunities
that encourage content to move closer to our markets.


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