Proving Gig Speed

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at
Thu Jul 19 05:30:07 UTC 2018

On 18/Jul/18 23:56, Keith Stokes wrote:

> At least in the US, Jane also doesn’t really have a choice of her
> electricity provider, so she’s not getting bombarded with advertising
> from vendors selling “Faster WiFi” than the next guy. I don’t get to
> choose my method of power generation and therefore cost per kWh. I’d
> love to buy $.04 from the Pacific NW when I’m in the Southern US. 

And that's why I suspect that 10Gbps to the home will become a reality
not out of necessity, but out of a race on who can out-market the other.

The problem for us as operators - which is what I was trying to explain
- was that even though the home will likely not saturate that 10Gbps
link, never mind even use 1% of it in any sustained fashion, we shall be
left the burden of proving the "I want to see my 10Gbps that I bought,
or I'm moving to your competitor" case over and over again.

When are we going to stop feeding the monster we've created (or more
accurately, that has been created for us)?


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