Proving Gig Speed

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60 GHz isn't particularly good at getting through a wet dream. I use it outdoors with highly directional antenna (42 dBi of gain) and it's only going to be useful in the home for same-room communication. The only chance it has to be more than that are high-count beam forming antennas to take advantage of very precise reflections. Dozens if not hundreds of elements for that directivity. 

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10G to the home will be pointless as more and more people move away from Ethernet to WiFi where the noise floor for most installs prevents anyone from reaching 802.11n speeds, much less whatever alphabet soup comes later. 

That's unless 802.11ad/.11ay gain in popularity. 60GHz offers lots of bandwidth and isn't particularly good at getting through brick walls, which might offer some relief to the noise floor problem. 


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