Proving Gig Speed

Mike Hammett nanog at
Tue Jul 17 15:47:45 UTC 2018

We already supply far, far greater than the actual consumer usage (versus want or demand). 

Consumers are moving away from wired connections in the home for wireless connections (for obvious mobility and ease of setup where there isn't existing wired infrastructure). 

Consumers are moving away from power desktops and laptops to phones, tablets, and purpose-built appliances. 

My in-laws have a Comcast service that's >100 megabit/s. The 2.4 and 5 GHz noise floors are so high (-50 to -75 dB, depending on channel and location within the house) that unless you're in the same room, you're not getting more than 10 megabit/s on wireless. On a wire, Comcast delivers full data rate. Speed tests from wire to wireless mirror the wireless to Internet performance. 

If it can't be delivered within the home, delivering it to the home is pointless. 

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> 10G to the home will be pointless as more and more people move away from Ethernet to WiFi where the noise floor for most installs prevents anyone from reaching 802.11n speeds, much less whatever alphabet soup comes later. 

I admire your confidence, when historically we've had poor success in 
these type of predictions. I seriously doubt we're now living in 
special time in history where we find the limit of consumer bandwidth 
demand, while I have no idea what would drive it or how it would be 
implemented, I'm betting against myself having all the information 
about future. 


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