Bogon prefix c0f:f618::/32 announced via Cogent

Siyuan Miao aveline at
Sat Jul 14 00:18:25 UTC 2018


c0f:f618::/32 originated from AS327814 is announcing via Cogent for several

I've tried to contact Cogent and AS327814 but didn't receive any reply.

Tue Jul 10 17:52:48.602 UTC
BGP routing table entry for c0f:f618::/32
  Process           bRIB/RIB  SendTblVer
  Speaker           76403269    76403269
    Local Label: 61339
Last Modified: Jul  3 13:31:40.815 for 1w0d
Paths: (1 available, best #1)
  Advertised to peers (in unique update groups):
  Path #1: Received by speaker 0
  Advertised to peers (in unique update groups):
    2001:550:0:1000::261c:166 (metric 119060) from
2001:550:0:1000::261c:153 (
      Origin incomplete, localpref 130, valid, internal, best, group-best
      Received Path ID 0, Local Path ID 0, version 76403269
      Community: 174:11100 174:20999 174:21101 174:22012
      Originator:, Cluster list:,,

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