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Baldur Norddahl baldur.norddahl at
Sun Jul 15 17:38:13 UTC 2018

søn. 15. jul. 2018 18.57 skrev Denys Fedoryshchenko <denys at>:

> Openflow IMO by nature is built to do complex matching, and for example
> for
> typical 12-tuple it is 750-4000 entries max in switches, but you go to
> l2 only matching
> which was possible at moment i tested, on my experience, only on PF5820
> - you can do L2
> entries only matching, then it can go 80k flows.
> But again, sticking to specific vendor is not recommended.

It would be possible to implement a general forward to controller policy
and then upload matching on MAC address only as a offload strategy. You
would have a different device doing the layer 3 stuff. The OpenFlow switch
just adds and removes vlan tagging based on MAC matching.


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