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James Bensley jwbensley at
Sun Jul 15 08:51:23 UTC 2018

Hi Baldur,

These guys made a PPPoE client for VPP - you could probably extend
that into a PPP server:

Although, I would agree that deploying PPP now is a bit of a step
backwards and IPoE is the way to be doing this in 2018.

If you want subscribers with a S-TAG/C-TAG landing in unique virtual
interfaces with shared gateway etc, IPv4 + IPv6 (DHCP/v6) and were
deploying this on "real service provider networking kit" [1] then the
way to do this is with pseudowire headend termination. (PWHE/PWHT).
However, you're going to struggle to implement something like PWHT on
the native Linux networking stack. Many of the features you want exist
in Linux like DHCP/v6, IPv4/6, MPLS, LDP, pseudowires etc, but not all
together as a combined service offering. My two pence would be to buy
kit from some like Cisco or Juniper as I don't think the open source
world is quite there yet. Alternatively if it *must* be Linux look at
adding the code to as it has all
constituent parts (DHCP, IP, MPLS, bridges etc.) but not glued
together. VPP is an order of magnitude faster than the native Kernel
networking stack. I'd be shocked if you did all that you wanted to do
at 10Gbps line rate with one CPU core.


[1] Which means the expensive stuff big name vendors like Cisco and Juniper sell

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