AS3266: BitCanal hijack factory, courtesy of many connectivity providers

Tom Paseka tom at
Fri Jul 6 19:18:05 UTC 2018


I've been casually observing the connectivity to Bitcanal / AS3266 /
AS197426 since the thread started.

After GTT shared that bitcanal had been disconnected, bitcanal was only
visible behind Cogent. But the Cogent path now also seems to have been
disconnected. After Cogent they popped up behind BICS (but just for a few
days), that circuit seems to have been disconnected too.

On the IX front: I noticed that Bitcanal's IP addresses on LINX (since
yesterday) and FranceIX (since today) are no longer responding.

It is good to see that discussing BGP hijacking abuse complaints actually
results in clean up activities. I hope the remaining IX's they're still
connected to can act too.


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