China is beefing up filtering measures

Youssef Bengelloun-Zahr bengelly at
Fri Jan 19 14:09:07 UTC 2018

Dear Nanogers,

By now, I'm pretty that the community has heard that china is planning to
increase (once again) filtering measures by limiting ports 80 / 443 / 8080 :

I've been doing some googling (read above) and I have come to the following
conclusions :

- Only clear thing is that a "commercial" ISP can register with CN gov to
lift that filtering ?

- This should be enforced by Feb, 1st.

- Pretty much all the rest is unclear when it comes to the : who ? what ?
how ?

I'm trying to understand exactly what we might be dealing with here.

Do anyone happen to have a clear view on this ? Are some of you already
affected by this ?

Thank you for your feedbacks.

Best regards.

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