Comparison of freeware open source switch software?

Edwin Pers EPers at
Tue Jan 9 13:14:10 UTC 2018

Here's one you missed:

If you're only interested in stuff that goes on iron, openvswitch is out - it's pure software meant to run on hypervisors


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Subject: Comparison of freeware open source switch software?

I have seen numerous comparisons and RIPE presentations on performance issues of BIRD vs Quagga vs FRR.

I am looking for the same thing for freeware switch software.
Has anyone done a feature comparison between:
...any other I am missing...

I am familiar with:
so to clarify I am interested only in bare-metal or whitebox swicthes and freeware, open source software.

And even better - has anyone done a benchmark to see which performs best?


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