Any experience with Broadcom ICOS out there?

Edwin Pers EPers at
Sat Jan 6 08:37:07 UTC 2018

I've got a few older quanta switches still around, they're running a fairly old version of Broadcom's Fastpath software on top of vxworks 5.x. 
Fastpath runs ospf and ospfv3 just fine, exports sflow, makes the hardware do everything you'd expect a l3 switch to do. The CLI is kinda quirky, but it works.
I'm not sure how much they've changed since then, but from what I understand the software is mainly just a reference spec to go along with the reference hardware designs you can get from Broadcom. Then the company designing/manufacturing the actual switch could/would build something on top that, tailored to any customizations beyond the ref design they added.
Haven't had any problems with them, although the documentation Quanta provided was almost useless - par for the course with them from what I've heard..

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Thank you everyone for the responses so far; I should probably re-phrase the question at this point ...

Has anyone had production experience with Broadcom ICOS and the features it claims to support? Positive or negative?


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