Anyone else blacklisted this morning by

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Tue Jan 2 16:57:51 UTC 2018

We had a Charter IP address we don’t actually send email from (it is a backup line that would only send mail if our primary line was down) Blacklisted by these guys at 10:50am EST on 1/1/18, then removed at 3:34pm EST on 1/1/18.

MXToolBox alerted us to it, I ran a manual check on their portal, which is supposed to be  but redirects to and it came back not listed.  Since it was a line I knew we were not mailing from anyways I figured I would just deal with it in the morning, but it had cleared itself up by then.

First time I had ever even heard of this one.

Good luck!

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I woke up this morning to a barrage of complaints from users that our mail servers' outbound emails are bouncing due to a blacklisting. Sure enough,<> reports that<> has blacklisted us for more than a day. However, looking up our address on the<> lookup webpage shows we're NOT listed. But a check of the RBL's DNS shows that we are. Then I found this on the<> owner's website ():

"<> (is offline since 01-01-2018) please replace it with<><> will mark every ip address as listed to force removal of this server."

What the heck? I've tried contacting<>, but they're in the Netherlands and apparently fast asleep (in more ways than one, it seems).

 -mel beckman

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