Console Servers & Cellular Providers

Chris Marget chris at
Wed Feb 7 17:47:40 UTC 2018

Lots of references to static IPs from cellular providers for OoB access in
this thread. Why? It seems like a dial-home scheme is an obvious solution
here, whether it's Opengear's Lighthouse product, openvpn, or whatever...

Do you all have a security directive that demands whitelisted IP addresses?

I've got a handful of OoB systems that dial home via cellular, but only
after they've been poked by SMS. Opengear's auto-response facilitates that,
and I've done it with EEM (to start DMVPN) on Cisco ISRs.

The main headache I've run into is that it's tough to get a SIM card from
ATT that does data and SMS: ATT's M2M plans don't allow SMS, and moving the
SIM from an iPhone to "a computer" causes the SMS capability to vanish. My
ATT OoB boxes (used only where Verizon is reported to not work) are online
all the time.

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