automatic rtbh trigger using flow data

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Thu Aug 30 23:30:18 UTC 2018

Michel Py wrote:
>> Aaron Gould wrote :
>> Hi, does anyone know how to use flow data to trigger a rtbh (remotely triggered blackhole) route using bgp ?  ...I'm thinking we could use
>> quagga or a script of some sort to interact with a router to advertise to bgp the /32 host route of the victim under attack.
> Look at Exabgp :
> That's what I use in here : to inject the prefixes in BGP.
> I block the attacker's addresses, not the victim but if you are willing to write your own scripts it does the job.
> Michel.

I use a bunch of scripts plus a supervisory sqlite3 database process all 
injecting into quagga

Also aimed at attacker sources. I feed it with honeypots and live 
servers, hooked into fail2ban and using independent host scripts.

Not very sophisticated, the remotes use ssh executed commands to 
add/delete. I also setup a promiscuous ebgp RR so I can extend my 
umbrella to CPE with diverse connectivity.

Using flow data, that sounds like an interesting direction to take this 
into, so thank you!


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