IPv6 Management

Blake Hudson blake at ispn.net
Fri Aug 24 15:14:53 UTC 2018

Agreed, lots of (relatively) old switches support IPv6 management 
addresses without issue. My suggestion is to dedicate a nibble in your 
IPv6 numbering plan for loopbacks/mgmt addresses, firewall access to 
this nibble as necessary, and go to town.

Owen DeLong wrote on 8/23/2018 1:54 PM:
> I don’t see much difference between v6 management addresses and v4 
> management addresses when it comes to best practices.
> I will say that if it were my network, I’d move everything 
> internal-only that I could to IPv6 as quickly as possible, freeing up 
> those v4 addresses
> for other purposes (or if GUA, possibly monetization while they’re 
> still valuable).
> Once you’ve got the ability to use IPv6 management addresses, what’s 
> the point of maintaining legacy IPv4 management infrastructure? It’s 
> just an albatross of dead weight hanging around the neck of your network.
> Owen
>> On Aug 23, 2018, at 10:14 , Justin Wilson <lists at mtin.net 
>> <mailto:lists at mtin.net>> wrote:
>> We were having an interesting debate on IPV6 management on layer2 
>> devices.  Does anyone have a best practice document they have seen 
>> for utilizing v6 Management addresses? I know Cisco has some 
>> extensive documentation on using v6 on their wireless products.
>> I know everyone has thoughts so am interested in any best practices 
>> which have been presented to the community.  I haven’t worried about 
>> management access on layer2 devices, as long as the layer2 devices 
>> can pass any cast, multicast, and other things v6 needs.  However, I 
>> could see why you would want v6 management addresses.
>> And go….
>> Justin Wilson
>> j2sw at mtin.net <mailto:j2sw at mtin.net>
>> www.mtin.net <http://www.mtin.net/>
>> www.midwest-ix.com <http://www.midwest-ix.com/>

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