Hurricane Lane: Catagory 5 storm forecast to sideswipe Hawaii

Scott Weeks surfer at
Wed Aug 22 16:55:50 UTC 2018

--- sean at wrote:
From: Sean Donelan <sean at>

Hurricane warnings have been issued for Hurricane 
Lane, which strengthened to a catagory 5 storm on 
Tuesday.  The forecast cone of uncertainity shows 
the path sideswiping Hawaii on Thursday.

Yep, this one's closer than the other 2-3 weeks ago.  
I thought about sending another 'dust off your DR 
plan' for those networks doing business in the AP 
region that have stuff here, but if they didn't on 
the last one they wouldn't on this one, either. :-)

It's an M (>110 MPH) until the Big Island on Thur
and then goes down to a regular hurricane Friday
when it hits Maui and Oahu Friday.


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