What NMS do you use and why?

Chuck Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Wed Aug 15 17:20:08 UTC 2018

On Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 08:49:12AM -0500, Colton Conor wrote:
> We are looking for a new network monitoring system. Since there are so many
> operators on this list, I would like to know which NMS do you use and why?
> Is there one that you really like, and others that you hate?
> For free options (opensouce), LibreNMS and NetXMS come highly recommended
> by many wireless ISPs on low budgets. However, I am not sure the commercial
> options available nor their price points.

Part 2 (see Part 1 for my epistles on Autostatus & Nagios).

To complement Autostatus and Nagios and to replace our ancient Cricket
SNMP graphing/trending solution, several years ago we had adopted

We've now replaced that with AKiPS, which I highly recommend.  It does
your basic 1 minute SNMP graphing, but it also collects SNMP Traps &
Syslog feeds and can alert on custom matches & events as well as host
down via ping.  Its main feature is its comprehensive vendor MIB
support--it supports almost every vendor's device we use out of the
box with no special configuration.  They are constantly adding support
for new vendors/devices and they are pretty responsive to adding new
ones.  AKiPS' weakness is in alerting--it makes no attempt at
depenencies or event correlation, so you can get flooded with events.

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